Aviation Training Namibia

Aviation Training Namibia

Aviation Training Namibia is a Windhoek based flight school catering for all types of flight training from private to advanced type ratings, training management services, and tailor made courses.

Aviation Training Namibia is a flight school run by pilots for pilots. Pilot's are not just people who fly, but people who are passionate about aviation. They may fly a regular job at an airline or be full time instructors, but in their off time they still find irresistible urges to come back to the airfield. They do this not because they have to, or need to, but because they love it, and it is part of them to give back.

Aviation Training Namibia began out of a perceived need for more safety and quality emphasis in the general aviation (GA) training market. The lessons learnt in airline flying were not filtering through to the GA industry (private/training/charter).

Basing training methods on airline training philosophies, through the director's own professional experiences, and involving external senior pilots and instructors in training, Aviation Training Namibia's founders and directors hope to address this need.

Loving aviation also means making sure aviation safety is of primary importance. ATN takes it's role in the aviation cycle very seriously.

Flight training creates the foundation skills and attitudes that pilot's will carry with them for a lifetime. The better the foundation the better the pilot. ATN is proud to be part of building a better future in aviation, and helping pilot's into their dream career.

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